Kahurangi Track Trampers Transport
Kahurangi Track Trampers Transport


Ideas on what to take on your tramp.

I have photocopied my personal tramping list here, but its only as a guide to help you. I do not take everything and add on as I go (you can see by the highlights, ticks and hand-writing bits.)

Transport for trampers to St. James Walkway

If I may just add a short note for those who have not done a lot of New Zealand tramping. To me the most important thing is always have dry warm clothing for the evening and a cosy dry sleeping bag. A rubbish bag or exposure bag lining inside the pack is essential. Dont trust the manufacturers waterproof guarantee. Always keep a set of warmies for the evening, dont scimp on dehy food, but dont carry a pack that is too heavy for you. Its a balance between the necessities, but also being light enough to get where you want to go quickly if the need takes you.

If you want food that actually tastes like home cooking this is pretty close to the real thing, tasty and nutritious.

Absolute Wilderness
http://www.absolutewilderness.co.nz/I have tried most varieties and they are all good.. especially Thai Red Curry or Tom Kha Gai. They even provide great desserts.

Outdoor Generations website for gear and beginner information (American site)
https://www.outdoorsgenerations.com/backpacking-beginners/ A useful site to help planning your tramp in the hills

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