Richmond Ranges Trampers Transport
Richmond Ranges Trampers Transport


Richmond Ranges

Van above clouds View over Lake Challis

Lake Challis to Hackett Road End- Three days.

Transport from Nelson to Lake Challis via North Bank road; 2.5 hours

Transport from Hackett to Nelson; half hour with Trek Express. (e-mail for quote)

From Road end to lake Challis hut 7 beds.

A moderately steep inline down from the car park. About three quarters of an hour down and one hour going up.

Lake Challis to Old Man hut using the southern lake circuit. 7hours

The track undulates and is a pleasant meander for a couple hours until a sign to mid Goulter or Old Man. Taking the Old Man hut track then continues to undulate going mostly downhill and after the second river crossing itís a long incline up to the hut. This section made me regret enjoying eating all those meat pies and I confess to taking much longer than the others. The track is okay and well marked, but a few hazardous obstacles, though nothing drastic. A good well insulated hut with 5 bunk beds.

Old Man hut to Slateys hut 5hours (in snow)

The first seasons snow had settled overnight. A short climb and above the tree line and onto the ridges for the first (snow covered) views of the Kahurangi and Nelson Lakes. Occasionally dipping into ridge-line woods, but mostly staying exposed on the ridges. Old Man peak was about couple of hours, and afterwards generally easy going along ridges to Slateys form there. Slateys is sheltered above the tree line on the east side. It had 6 beds (3 bunks). Again small and cosy. Heaps of firewood, all well stocked by trampers, hunters and DOC. This is real back country stuff.

Slateys to Starveal hut (2 and quarter hours)

A gentle climb up to Starveal, along an exposed ridge, and then down through rocky scree to the hut nestled just above the tree line. The first view of the Nelson Bays down below. Spectacular sight.

Starveal to Hackett hut. (3 hours down, 4 hours up)

All down hill. Quite steep and I imagine a tough trudge going up to Starveal. Eight river crossings at the bottom, including the one to the Hackett hut (nine in total). From the Hackett to road end one and half-hours easy going.

Monnie of the alps Slatey hut

Mountain ranges The Hills are alive

Article written by Rory Moore: Members of the tramping party, Monnie, Anna, Dennis and myself.

What to take Ideas on what to pack for the tramp (My packing list!)

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Track update by DOC.

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