Mount Arthur Tablelands Track Trampers Transport
Mount Arthur Tablelands Track Trampers Transport


Mt. Arthur Tablelands Circuit
Kahurangi National Park

The Tablelands Circuit is a great area to tramp if you are looking for something a little less strenuous, but still packing in the great scenery. The area also has distinct flora to admire, especially during the alpine flowering season in summer.
Just by starting at the Flora Saddle you have already climbed 950m in the van. For anyone looking for a bit more of a challenge, there are plenty of opportunities offered in the form of summit tracks, basin tracks, and ridge walks. Mt. Arthur Tablelands Circuit also hooks up with many other tracks in the area, giving trampers the chance to combine any number of journeys they wish.

Distance: 53 km
Approximate Time: 2 days loop

There are four DOC huts along the main track, as well as several rock shelters. Along the numerous side-tracks you will find more huts to accommodate any itinerary you choose. Some highlights are listed below.

Transport Nelson to Flora Saddle
Approximate time: 1 hr 20 min with Trek Express (e-mail)

Flora Saddle Hut to Mt Arthur
Approximate time: 5 to 7 hours

Flora Saddle Hut, with 12 bunks and heating, is located only about 30 minutes' walk away from the carpark. Its a good place to sleep if you've gotten a late start, but it can also serve as a good base from which to climb the Mt Arthur summit. The track up is gradual at first, becoming steeper as you near the ridge to the top. Snow can be found near the top many times of the year.
Alternatively, trampers could hike from the car park to Mt Arthur Hut and use it as a base from which to summit the mountain. Its about one hour ten minutes to this small hut (Mt Arthur Hut), only 8 bunks. It also has heating facilities and recently been well refurbished.

Mt. Arthur Hut to Salisbury Lodge
Approximate time: 6 to 8 hours

An interesting trek involving many ups and downs, this will take you through the Pyramid Ridge and to the top of Gordon's Pyramid. The descent is quite steep, levelling off as you near the bush country around the lodge.
Salisbury Lodge is very popular, with many interesting day trips to be taken from it. It can hold 22 trampers and has gas cookers as well as heating facilities.

Salisbury Lodge to Myttons Hut
Approximate time: 5 to 7 hours

A day with some climbing through beech forest and tussock fields, there is an oppurtunity to summit Mt. Peel along a ridge. Sticking to the track will take you past Lake Peel, and eventually after a fairly steep climb you emerge into the Cobb Valley and the Golden Bay region. A gradual descent will bring you to Myttons Hut.
Myttons Hut is small, with only four bunks. Heating is available. If it is full, Trilobite Hut (with 14 bunks) is only 1 hour further along.


From Myttons Hut you could head back to Balloon Hut and follow the Flora track back to Flora Saddle carpark. Or arrange for transport from Cobb Reservoir. These are just some popular routes trampers take, but with all the inter-connecting tracks there are an almost endless amount of itineraries possible.

Flora Saddle Shelter/Cobb Reservoir to Nelson
Approximate time: 1 hr 20 mins/2 hrs 30 mins

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